Tuesday, March 10, 2009

40 Martyrs of Sebastea

In 320 A.D., Emperor Licinius commanded all the Christians in the East to renounce their faith. Amongst those who refused were 40 soldiers, who were stripped naked, herded onto a lake in the middle of winter, and left there to freeze to death. Heated baths and lighted tents lined the shore in an attempt to lure the men to apostasy. One soldier gave in, yet another on shore, edified by the heroism of the others, removed his clothing and joined the martyrs. Most of the men died during the night, those who survived were killed the following day. Their martyrdom took place in what is today modern Turkey. Their feast day is March 10.
The image shown above is from the Soviet Gulag, painted by Nikolai Getman. Source


  1. I've heard that before, but always as a legend, never as true. I didn't know they were saints. It seems I don't know everything, after all. :-)

  2. Hey Terry,
    This is Jim Lang, I found your blog by accident! How awesome! I hope you are doing well, and we hope to see you sometime! God bless!

  3. Hi Jim - Nice to hear from you, I hope you are doing well. I was on Facebook too but dropped it. I'd like to see you too. Say hi to Kristen.

  4. Thanks for this spiritual life Terry. Whenever I hear stories like this I can't help but ask myself...where would I be? Would I have booked for the heated tent consoling myself with "God will understand"? (And I guess, really, he would). But still...THANKS.


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