Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If I hung out at a bar.

If I hung out at a bar day-in and night-out like my parents did, and I talked about the issues I blog about, I'd be in knock-down drag-out fights every day.


  1. I found a photo of your Bar Maid Helga. You have the worst luck of anyone that I know, I think she's a cross dresser.
    BTW. I think that it would be very sweet of you if you would consider taking her out for a ride on the back of your bike! You know for old times sake.

  2. Nevermind what you blog about, wearing that cowboy get-up would do the trick, I should think.

  3. My son Joseph (5) has a gun that he could lend to you, but you have to buy the "caps" for it.
    (In the toy section of walmart!)Never point it at people or animals.

  4. You mean you would not be the warm fuzzy guy you are now? :-)

  5. Knock-down drag-out fights are okay, as long as you're not the one who's being knocked down and dragged out.

    BTW, now that AR2 has Gone On To A Better Place, where my wee humble blog had a modest home on your blogroll, I was wondering if you could find a spot for it between 'A Suitable Wardrobe' and 'Ad Dominum'..... ;-)

  6. that's why you should do all your drinking at home... alone. Like I do... every night.

  7. Consider it done Larry.

    Kat - LOL!


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