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Friday, January 16, 2009

Aren't we neat though.

I was always very careful about the ash as I smoked. Sometimes I miss smoking so much.
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  1. I miss smoking too, but it's only been an hour.

  2. I miss too... mostly I miss the excuse to take frequent breaks that my smoking co-workers seemed privileged to have.

  3. Glad you don't smoke anymore, Terry. I pray you have the strength to continue with your commitment.

  4. Can someone tell me why smoking is not a sin yet gluttony is?
    Whilst I am eating a donut , the only one that I am hurting is myself. I am not forcing you to breath it or to wear it.

    Confused in Kansas.

  5. Now I thought smoking is a sin. At least, when not done in moderation. But then again, WHAT smoker smokes in moderation? But I suppose the habitual aspect of it may lessen culpability. Terry, what's the Church's position on this, you know? I've heard so many conflicting views.

  6. If smoking has become a habit, I believe it is considered an imperfection. My understanding is that if a smoker returns to the habit, it may still be an imperfection or at most a venial sin - consideration taken into account for how strong the addiction is, and circumstances surrounding the relapse. With what we know today, beginning to smoke, or excessive smoking would probably be a venial sin - although deliberately doing so with the intention of contracting cancer or heart disease would probably be a mortal sin. I've never met anyone who smoked for those reasons.

    And if I understand things well, gluttony falls under the heading of intemperance, and is probably at most a venial sin. Unless one eats continuously with the itention of exploding.

    But once again, I have to caution my readers - always ask your confessor and don't count on me.

  7. Gosh, I thought gluttony was a deadly sin -Like a Mortal sin.
    I must have gone to confession all of those times needlessly! ;)

    I think that smoking is a deadly sin especially when smoking without reguard for those around you .For example when I was about
    8 years old ,I was sitting in the middle of my Mom , and my "twisted sister-Grandmother" after a huge meal, riding in a securely sealed automobile, while "hill jumping," because my Dad liked to drive like a bat out of hell ,and he liked to be at his destination instantaniously. All the while he too was smoking along with my very sinful misguided grandfather.

    I should'a hurled then that would have solved the whole problem, except that I would have paid dearly when I got home. I perfered for my ass to be welt-less.

    When I go to confession, it is usually outside on the sidewalk ,and often times Father smokes at the same time, while "I" am confessing gluttony, how much sense does that make?

    Wouldn't eating disordered be considered a mortal sin?
    So much to ponder here.

    And photos of smoking makes me feel queezy. I may hurl, and your cleaning that up - not me mister.

  8. Belinda - like I said, I don't know for sure. I'll have to refresh my understanding of moral theology. I'm pretty sure smoking crack is a mortal sin though. You have no idea how disappointed I was to find that out. ;)

  9. Speaking of "Crack" I dreamt that I was taking drugs and that my nose was full of some sort of drugs last night. It was a terrible nightmare. I will pray ,and do penance for druggies.... The poor, poor souls are living a hell on earth.

    You dont take crack , you are cracked.

  10. Yep - gluttony is a mortal sin - that is, if the criteria for mortal sin is met:

    1) serious matter.
    2) knowledge or firm belief the act is grave prior to committing the act.
    3) full consent of the will.

    All 3 of these dispositions must be present simultaneously for a sin to be mortal. This is from a respected priest in this archdiocese.

  11. I thought so even with my limited intellect, and why yes I generally meet all three of the criteria.

  12. David9:32 AM

    I don't miss it because...i still smoke. Ah....

  13. Anonymous11:58 AM

    when i'm in a bar, i wanna smell it.

    i enjoy my pipe.



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