Friday, August 22, 2008

When do the Olympics get over?

Not soon enough.

I am so sick of watching women athletes in prime time - who cares? Unless it's beach volleyball of course. But why is the coverage always focused on the women doing the sports - where is the stuff men want to watch? Even the rowing focused more on the women. And I never saw any wrestling either.
Unless you're a dad - most guys don't want to watch women's sports. I think we men are getting squeezed out by the feminist agenda. Notice how the women are always doing the driving in car commercials and dad is tending the kids? And in most TV ads the dad is always made to look dumb about everything, or takes on feminine characteristics, while the woman is the kick-boxing champ of the world and the major bread-winner.
Men are being castrated by the media.


  1. I wouldn't know. I'm skipping these Olympics.

    I honestly think the oppressive government culture of China is being overshadowed by mere games.

    Just my opinion.

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  3. You are right of course Tom - I'm really only watching because of all the enslaved peoples who worked so hard to make it happen - and yet so many of them seem so proud of the international notice. I think most of the Chinese people are like the rest of us throughout the world, drones for the evil empire. Is there a good country left?

  4. Terry - I sent you a Facebook friend suggestion - at least I think I did. I never know exactly what I am doing on Facebook.

    Anyway - it's Timothy Jones. Go check out his website

    I just happened upon him through Deb (Ukok). Incredible artist. Some of his work reminds me of yours. Check out his artist buddies, too. These folks are on par with you. Very, very good!

  5. P.S. I never watch the olympics. My biggest beef? It screws up all the programming. No new true crime shows. Bleh!

  6. Belinda, you're right about the elderly ("more mature"? I'm not there yet, but not sure I want to be elderly. But it'll be okay if we call it something else. I think.)

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  9. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I boycotted these games (and every other thing from China), but I agree.
    However, at work they were watching men's volleyball the other day.
    Holy. smokes.
    I'll watch that all day, boycott be damned.



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