Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ellen gets married again - or is it the first time?

Ellen weds the beautiful Portia...
At home - the wedding was at home. People can do pretty much whatever they want at home. For instance, my dad never beat up my mother in public, but did so at home. Of course, same sex couples can get married in California. I think you can do pretty much anything in California.
I may be wrong, but I thought Ellen wed Anne Heche as well? And then Anne was found wandering into other people's homes or something. I never really liked Anne. Portia is prettier.


Ellen is so funny. Cute too. Portia is beautiful though.


  1. I give them 5 years. Max.

  2. 5 years might b a little long.

    I should have added this to the post - but the photo is kind of sweet, isn't it? It reminds me of little girls playing wedding, marrying their best girl friend. It would be sweet if that is all it was.

  3. Have to disagree with you about Ellen being cute and funny. But Portia is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Dear Mr.Terry, My husband took our daughter back to L.A. today. Would you ,and your friends pray for her? I am so broken hearted. Who wants to hold my hand while I cry?
    I am not kidding. I am crushed.

    Here is some of her stuff on youtube if you wanna see what I am going to miss.
    She looks like she just stepped off of the boat from Ireland. Long red ringlet curls ,and very pale. She's gonna stick out like a sore thumb in L.A., and with a full face of makeup from Estee Lauder (where she worked ) she looks like a red headed Goth , dark lipstick yet pale, no black though. She is the funniest person ever....She tells me that there are Catholic churches in L.A. aparently it is just northern Mexico.

    Please pass me a kleenex....

    BTW I love Ellen because she always says clean jokes. I will continue to pray for them.. Surely God will be loving ,and understanding , and let them enter his gates when the time comes. Don't you think?? Hum, do the rules apply to everyone? Maybe she can joke her way in? Maybe not.

  5. I wonder who Portia's sperm donor will be. Some famous, wonderful hollywood type? Or a great thinker. I can hardly wait to find out.
    This will happen before they seperate. Just wait.

  6. Tom - that's okay, but I think she's kinda funny - a little phony about being clueless - but funny. She's only cute in a My Three Sons sort of way.

    Belinda - tons of prayers for you and your family - I promise!

  7. I would say closer to a Chip ,than an Ernie, but certainly no Uncle Charley.
    ~~~~~I am on thin ice here~~~~

    Say how do they decide who wears the pants. I LOVE Portia's dress. I would argue with my partner so I could wear that dress.
    Thank you for your prayers. They are gratefully appreciated!! Her name is Elizabeth ,just so God knows who your talking about.:)

  8. I'm so upset that I was not invited to that "wedding". I had a great dress already picked out and everything!

    Belinda: Prayers here too.

  9. Thank you so much Cathy for your prayers.

    About that invite, I am sure that it was just an oversite. Keep checking your mail box even so.

  10. Cathy, come on - they knew you'd steal their thunder with your dance moves at the reception!

  11. The news refers to them as "long time partners" - only in CA is 4 years a long time.

    belinda - I feel your pain

    Cathy - Angela is right. Ellen is a horrible dancer and you would have made her look bad in her new brides eyes. Gosh Portia could have left her right on the spot for you. How would that look??


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