Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Once upon a time...

There was a little black and white cat who visited my yard to look for critters to eat. My house was well known to all the cats in the neighborhood as a sort of game refuge for wild rabbits, moles, and chipmunks and mice and squirrels and tons of birds. They also knew two spinster cats lived here, and always wanted to get a glimpse of them. One day, the little black and white cat came up to the door to where the dowager cats were lounging, and the the ladies started hissing and growling at the intruder, and he ran off.

Then I began to notice that the wild rabbits were eating my clematis, and the squirrels and chipmunks and moles were eating my zucchini and tomatoes and eggplants. I confess I was very disappointed in the critters. Until I noticed the little black and white cat, whom I began to call Snagglepuss, lounging on my front steps - laying in wait for a snack. It was then that I decided I can have an outdoor visitor cat, who enjoys working in the yard; and two indoor spinster cats - who do nothing but eat and sleep anyway.

The End.


  1. Check out this cat:


  2. I had a real big cat stop over for a visit. I hope that he drug off a rattlesnake while he was strolling by. Or better yet I hope he takes my daughters weiner dog. I bet he tastes delicious.( He isn't house broken, and the dog and I dont like each other.) God doesn't answer all of my prayers.

    This internet photo looks like my back yard, where my older daughter said she saw the big cat.



  3. I forgot to say that if I ever see him in my yard I will surely need a "depends".

  4. Terry, Snagglepuss looks just like my cat Savannah.
    Belinda, I checked out the link; that's a big kitty! There have been sightings lately of cougars in my neck of the woods, where they haven't been for maybe 100 years.
    Ray, that cat is quite unique (but very cute).

  5. Miss Melody , Is a cougar, and a mountain lion the same animal?
    We had a mountain lion.

    My son prayed for a house cat.(last Feb) I hated cats. A female cat showed up on my door,and I wasn't going to let it starve. We fed it tuna, but it didn't go away. Then I hear my son praying for baby cats. I told my husband that he better do something quick. Our cat had 7 kittens. We watched them all being born. I found out that I am a closet cat person. I love, my cats ,and So does my husband. I kept two,babies ,and the mama. I can't really afford the 600 dollars in vaccines ,and spaying for all three,but God will help us take care of his animals.I named all of the kittens after icecream treats,(naturally) blizzard, cocoa, fudge, carmel my fav, Klondike, sprinkles, and Oreo.

    Our poor black lab is so scared of the cats they gang up on him. Just like the gang in "west side story"
    (If you imagine them as cats,and dogs it becomes hysterical.)


    My cats got into the
    trash the other day ,and they blamed the poor dog. The dog is so inarticulate (sp) that he couldn't even form a sentence to defend himself , and the cats laughed ,and mocked him.
    Poor Buster the dog.


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