Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation is over!

Cathy will be back blogging after Labor Day.


  1. I heard from someone very nosy that Cathy is really Pentecostal. And that the real reason why she hasn't been blogging for so long is because they don't have computers in jail. Another flying rumor says she's been filling in for Bloody Mary (say it 3X fast!) this summer, and yet others say she’s been choreographing dance moves for a group of contemplative nuns. Obviously, these are just rumors and way too dubious to believe.

    More than likely Cathy has been doing what good ol’ Cathy always spends her time doing, which is collecting ticks, trying to catch clouds from her roof top, talking sense into buildings, or continuing her efforts to set up her portable kissing booth at every truck stop in the nation. I think she has two stops left before Labor Day.


  2. "Cathy will be back blogging after Labor Day."


  3. Dear Miss Cathy , Please stay out of the truck stop bathrooms! I was hit on by a woman in Wisconsin, ya know the ol' foot tapping routine. I didn't know what she was doing until after watching the news. then I felt sick, and a bit flattered in a sick twisted way.

    I was furious after the fact especially because I had children with me .(I haven't been to the bathroom alone since 1980)
    If I would have known, I would have given her the worst tongue lashing that she ever had. Um she looked like she might of enjoyed that too.

  4. Tom - that was brillant!

    I about time she comes back. I've missed her dearly...

  5. Remember too no white after Labor day.

  6. It's all true! Just wait till I come back, then you all (esp. Ter) will be sorry!

  7. Get that slacker woman back to work!

  8. I'm back! Fooled ya! It was, Terry, trying to be good that did it!


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