Saturday, April 05, 2008

This is a side no one ever sees of me...

People are coming over tonight!

OH! MY! GOSH!!! People are coming over for dinner tonite! I'm starting to cook already this morning, while I clean - copious hand-washing before each duty in the kitchen of course. I no longer like to cook and I hate to clean. The cats are terrorized and I am trying to hold it together. I can't blog - no time - I can't get anyone upset today with a post - gosh - you are just going to have to go read Cathy for that.
The Dream!
Anyway - I had "the" dream last nite. I dreamt I was driving on this fantastic surreal road at night - rolling storybook hills and forests in the distance, and there was an eerie golden glow in the distance. I realized it was the Golden Gate bridge and I wanted to cross it. I came to an intersection and I could go one of two ways to get there, I decided to go straight ahead, casting a glance down the other road which seemed to go down a very steep hill, into complete darkness. Despite the fog on my road, I was happy to take it because the air seemed warm and refreshing. It seemed to me the golden glow of the bridge lighted my way and was a source of solace. I got to the bridge and decided to cross over, as I began the trip, I realized the entrance was a very steep, uphill climb, and the fog became more dense, as if the night were thickening, and I realized the crossing could be dangerous. I understood I would meet the suicides, but I was determined to cross anyway. (I know what it means.)
What I think about almost daily.


  1. Enjoy your din din, Blanche!

  2. Georgette1:14 PM

    You definitely took the right path, and yes, it is cloudy and unknown and difficult at times...but that Light is always there, guiding you. Glad you didn't go down that easy path into darkness. :)

    I pray your cooking and cleaning go fast and easy and you have a wonderful dinner party with your guests!

  3. Ok, who's coming over and why was I excluded!?! It's a conspiracy by Jeron and Ray, right?

  4. Entertaining IS very hard work--the worst part is getting the house all clean, and then you have to cook, and then when everyone's gone, you have to clean again--going out is much easier.

    Good luck, but don't worry, if everything is not perfect, most people don't even notice--they come more for your company and just to hang out.


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