Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Night


  1. Uh oh, kitty porn.
    Be careful where that one surfs.

  2. Friday night... you dress up as a cat and play on the internet?

    Also, why did "Wings" go off the air? I loved that show.

  3. Is this Celine or Agnes? Or have you morphed again? I see you get handsomer with age though, your photo is much better :)

  4. Dave - no there are blocks on that stuff.

    Thom - yes I do. Is that weird? I liked Wings too.

    Monica - I didn't like Aaron's voice so I changed the photo.

  5. Ter: I can't believe you not only figured out how to morph into a cat but you've even managed to dye your fur! Weren't you silver and black a few days ago?

    You are amazing!

    I hope you feel better.

  6. I liked the Wings episode with the freaky old man who asked "If a monkey were to bite you, what kind of drugs do you suppose they'd give you?"

  7. Poor Terry! I came home from Oklahoma to learn that you've been ill. The photos of yourself really confuse me. I don't remember you as looking either like the cat at the computer or like the guy in the "About Me" picture. But then, again, I last saw you so very, very long ago.

  8. Georgette4:24 AM

    "go maek ur own sammich, i'm watchin youtubez"

    --my suggestion for the title to this when you enter it on the lolcats website:

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