Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The funniest post I have ever read...

I will never tire of...
... jumping out of the supply closet and scaring one of my co-workers. He screams like a woman. - The Crescat

It just hit me as so insane and funny. Completely off the wall - to title a post, "I will never tire of" and then to tell us that.


  1. I'm not letting my "loving" family see this post---last night they tied the spray nozzle on the kit sink, had the youngest ask me for water, I got sprayed.....
    I nearly went "Bayside" on them, sans poncho---they were laughing all night....lovely bunch. :>

  2. "sans poncho" ROTFL!!

  3. adoro7:56 AM

    You know...thanks for the inspiration. A new Meme!

    "I never Tire of" Meme.

    Crescat is hilarious!

  4. Im not hilarious. Im deranged. A distinct difference.

    Terry, anything is funny when you're medicated. How you feeling, btw?


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