Tuesday, April 01, 2008

St. John Vianney Seminary 2/2

I saw it first on Fr. Longenecker's blog, and he saw it first on American Papist, great video.


  1. Please pray--just watched this with our 21 yo son who happened to stop by when I turned it on, thanks for it!, and now he wants me to go to the neighbors and get "Fisher's of Men"-- knows they have it (I'll be running to their house, probably will scare them). Thanks, must go before he sees this.:>

  2. Susan - that is certainly providential. This is the seminary here in the Twin Cities - it is extraordinary - from the Rector down to the first year students.

  3. The seminary near you sounds wonderful Terry.
    Have you seen the "Fishers of Men" video? Very moving.


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