Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sound familiar?

Ball of Redemption

""Now you are bargaining with the final count, My children. For as night will turn into day, and day will fall into darkness, that day will come when you will cry out for mercy, and it will be too late. The Ball of Redemption shall take from your earth three-quarters of mankind. Your country, America the beautiful, has not witnessed a massive scale of destruction and death. Is this what you call down upon yourselves? You, My children, hold the balance.

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer in your country and in the countries throughout your world. Pray that satan does not poison the minds of those in power in such a manner as to bring a faster destruction upon mankind." - Message to Veronica Lueken at Bayside; 9/28/76

I've been entertaining myself by reading the messages of Bayside and viewing the alleged 'miraculous' photographs. (The photo shown here is of "The Ball of Redemption" which was to hit the planet any day back then. The "ball" in the photo appears to be the photographer's finger tip in front of the lens.)
I find it interesting how the alleged messages given to Veronica bore such similarity to messages from other apparitions - some approved, some not; some of these preceded the Bayside messages, while others came after. As I read portions of the Bayside messages, I wondered about the veracity of other approved apparitions and revelations. I understand how very important it is that these matters always be investigated and approved (or disapproved) by the Church. If not, the faithful may be led astray, piety and devotion becomes sensationalized, and religion is mocked.
[Description of photo from Bayside sources: "Ball of Redemption" hovers over statue of Our Lady of the Roses, Bayside, NY, During the vigil of the Ascension, 1975. Notice the tree showing through the edge of the Ball which does not fully envelop white beret. Another phenomenon is narrow shaft dropping in front of the man's glasses from the center of the Ball."]


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Please mention something about Necedah WI (Mary Ann Van Hoff). Alot of people in MN and WI (and elsewhere) have a strong devotion to this shrine.

  2. I will do so, thanks.


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