Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Breaking news!

Ice Mountain blanketed with 3" of snow.

Last night we had 3" of snow fall; a wet, heavy, slushy snow. I went out mid-day to clear it, although it seemed to be melting rapidly. I noticed Rabbit-Ice-Mountain is continuing to shrink, and while inspecting the tunnel, I discovered it now opens to the other side. That is a sure sign of spring, according to rabbit engineers, who told me they remain concerned about the stability of the tunnel. Today they brought in equipment to replenish the summit with fresh snow. The rabbit house has been nicely camoulflaged with more snow as well, although it appears to have been partially covered from an avalanche or something. (I also noticed no eggs were in the house today, probably due to the weather overnight.)

Rabbit archeologists have discovered tunnels in almost every snow mountain around my property. One rabbit-excavator named Raoul told me they were surprised to find several tunnels the size of a human's broom handle, just big enough for mice to travel through. He speculated such tunnels make it much easier for the smaller critters to get around in the heavy winter snows. Raoul explained that the rabbit tunnels are usually just routes to the rabbit houses, and/or used as shelters or hiding places. He reminded me rabbits are capable of huge leaps and jumps, therefore snow mountains pose no real difficulty for transit.

There is so much I don't know about rabbits and mice!


  1. I am scared stiff of the second catagory!

  2. "Hey, it's Bunny Disco Dancing, tonight at Rabbit Ice Mountain!"

  3. They are dancing aren't they. Disco-bunnies.

  4. I think it's that old disco classic "Kung Foo Fighting". (That song's going to be stuck in my head all evening now.)

  5. I think it's to that old disco classic "Kung Foo Fighting", which is now going to be stuck in my head all evening.


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