Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Freaked me out!

Love-struck woman stalked Catholic priest.

I thought it was someone I know... Someone who blogs... Someone around here...

Story here.


  1. If he's not hairy than you know it wasn't me...Anyway, I think you need to go back the surgeon sweetie. Your new look is alarmingly bad. I know you rely on me for honesty so there it is.

  2. Beware all "church ladies."

  3. Well, you picked three of the usual suspects.

  4. And, here my computer was (and still kinda is) down and I couldn't even defend myself!

    If you think a lady with two kids under five can stalk a priest, then she must be verrrry tricky. I have to have the kids in their car seats, with a big honkin' diaper bag, toys, books, treats, etc., just to get down the block!! LOL!! I think a blind man could see me coming! And then there's the sibling fighting stuff and temper tantrums...doesn't make for a silent approach.


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