Monday, March 03, 2008

Boys Beware!

Interesting film that would have been shown in boys Health Classes during the late '50's, early '60's. It is listed on Youtube as a "ridiculous anti-gay propaganda film".

H/T to Unam Sanctum blog.


  1. Georgette3:18 AM

    Wow--contrast this with the pro-homosexual propaganda taught openly in most schools today and you realize how far our society has fallen! Today, our pro-homosexual, sexually saturated society is teaching boys --and girls-- to do whatever it takes to engage in sexual activity, making them more likely to BECOME victims to these predators. Of course, they don't like those nasty old terms of "victim" and "predator". It's much more condoning to call it "man-boy love".

  2. Georgette - Exactly!

  3. All we have to do is change homosexual to pedophile, and it is very relevant today.

  4. .... ahhh... the rest room warning was ahhh interesting ... and ahhh... a bit relevant too ... wouldn't you say?

  5. pml is onto something "relevant" - I don't think this film genuinely dates from the period it claims.

    Then, it is a propaganda film, advising children to be suspicious of considerate adults.


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