Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Archbishop indicted...

I got the pamphlet in the mail today!
"Apostolic Succession or the Priesthood Betrayed." It is very slick, nice format, well written. It is not an anonymous document, it was written by Dr. David Pence for the docsociety.org. In fact, one could pretty much get all of the same information from his website. It is kind of a rebuttal to the argument between Archbishop Flynn and Star Tribune columnist, Katherine Kersten concerning the "Battle for the soul of St. Thomas" - or the secularization of the University of St. Thomas. The document comes down pretty hard on Archbishop Flynn, the president Dennis Dease, and Kevin McDonough - although the Archbishop takes the direct hit.
I don't know - I've heard all of it before. The unofficial CDF blogs, doctrinal websites of faith and morals, voices in the desert, uber parents on line, church basement gossips - every one talks about this stuff and not much happens. Look how many years St. Stephen's has held the gates to hell open, and no one stopped them. Prayer is good, talk is cheap.
I'm sure someone at the Argument of the Month Club will get their copy of the booklet (Dr. Pence will be handing them out there) and if they feel it is important, one of those guys can write about it. The document is really addressed to priests anyway.
Last year at this time all of the blogs were abuzz about the Motu Proprio and the evil machinations of select bishops to prevent it. The year before at this time the local blogs were hot about the silencing of Fr. Altier by the mean ol' bishop. Been there, done that.


  1. I always wonder what the point of this stuff is? Is it to offer constructive solutions or just a litany of salacious gossip that most of us already know. *yawn*

  2. Terry, where did ya get that picture of my gramma?

  3. Terry -

    So much was lost on our parents' watch by their adoption of the head-in-the-sand syndrome, and their manipulation by Catholic elites using boardroom manouvers, and official declarations (Land O' Lakes) that I believe we should make every effort we can to stem the tide of moral relativism, and lack of Catholic courage reflected here by Archbishop Flynn and his toadies. Don't throw cold water on the timely exposure of a major Catholic retreat, instead urge those on to make the valiant attempt. Since so much has been lost, our brothers, sisters, institutions, there no room for cynicism, and its by-product, inaction, anymore.

  4. St. Thomas ceased to be a truly Catholic University when I went there 25 years ago, long before Archbishop Flynn came to town.


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