Monday, March 24, 2008

Blogs I think are over...

And why.

This one, AR1 - it has been for quite sometime.

Adrienne - The FBI finally caught up with this Mafiosa prima-donna!
Cafeteria is Closed - he didn't do well on the blog awards thing this year. Way too liberal and self-serving.

Sancte Pater - Arrested for defamation.

Roving Medievalist - Finally returned to the asylum.

Tom - He'll be offline after it's revealed he isn't really in Vegas.
Veritas Splendor - she's going into a monastery! Praise God!

Angela - Going back to Beauty School to be a manicurist.

St. Monica's - Hospitalized for post-partem after backing her car into Lake Como.

Psycho Home-schooling Mom - Very ugly clothes and Victorian ideals - verging on child abuse.

June Cleaver - Betty Ford.
Wild Reed - OMIGOSH! Dissident dish and he likes Marty Haugen?! Who knew gay men could have such bad taste?
Way of A Pilgrim - I think the pilgrim is dead.

Recovering Dissident - She's opening a dance school... after prison and rehab.

Jeron's blog : "You can call me Charlene" - What can I say?

Ray - His cover has been blown - he's been a double agent for the archdiocese.

Joanna Writes - Does anyone other than her nieces and nephews care? (I think they do.)

Crescat - No one bought the trad thing and she's pissed.
Athanasius - He posted his profile photo.


  1. Phew thank goodness you missed me out!

  2. I object! I did not get any prison time in exchange for an extended stint in rehab. Get it right!!!!

  3. Jackie - I was going to put you on the list but I couldn't think of anthing ridiculous to say.

  4. I hope everyone knows this list is a joke.

  5. Terry, I will give you a 20% discount on a manicure but going to charge you 30% extra for a pedicure. (I had to get the hedge clippers sharpened after I cut your toe nails with them last time.)

  6. I need a little clarification. Do you mean Lake Como in Italy? If so, that was all George Clooney's fault since he was the one driving. If you mean Como Lake in St. Paul, then there were no witnesses and ya can't prove nothing.

  7. Terry, Terry, Terry - don't you know that Tony and I OWN the FBI.

  8. Oh curses, foiled again!


  9. Well, you got me, Terry. I actually post from Las Vegas, New Mexico. Ours is a doppleganger city of Las Vegas, Nevada with casinos and street configurations EXACTLY like they have in NV. We have an MGM, a Bellagio, a Venetian, and a few months ago our Monte Carlo caught on fire, just like the one in Las Vegas, NV. This year I hope to open up my own Peeps strip joint not unlike the one featured in the image you posted earlier.:0)

  10. Adrienne - I'm so scared! LOL!

    Tom - Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! I wasn't going to tell.

    Monica - Yeah - nice try - Clooney was just here and you know it's Como in St. Paul - Cathy drove by and saw the whole thing.

    Jeffrey - the Patty Duke trailer posted for us.

    Angie - I have that foot fungus too.

    Ray - Yep - you are so busted.

  11. Ter: Foot fungus? EWWWW...TMI!!!

  12. I'm moved to tears, I've never been called 'way too liberal' before :D Also today, I was called a reactionary. Hmm.

    My blog's really a personal opinion blog on many topics, not a 'Catholic blog' per se. With 2+ million visitors, it's more popular than ever.

    'Way too liberal'. Sweet.

  13. Dang, I really LIKED some of those guys. Sigh. I guess I'll have to start reading more Daily Kos or something.

  14. Do you have any idea how much blog fodder I get from Betty Ford? It is a gold mine!


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