Saturday, March 29, 2008

Squirrel wedding...

Two of my squirrels got married today.
Actually they mated without ceremony. Since they were born last summer, I regarded them as brothers. I fed them all winter and they often sun themselves on top of Our Lady's shrine outside my door. They are unique in that each has blond ears. Yesterday I saw them wrestling and chasing one another, although I was surprised brother squirrels would stay together like that. This morning I noticed the boys doing something else, and I finally realized they are not brothers at all - but one is male and one is female. The female is sitting on the roof of the shrine sunning herself as I write this.
"Tooweet! Tooweet!"


  1. Is she smoking a cigarette??

  2. Adrienne - LOL! The male squirrel was sunning himself on the roof of the house - obviously they are nonsmokers.

  3. I thought this was going to be one of those "orientation" posts....and I was going to ask you to tell the brothers I love them anyway LOL!

  4. "Actually, they mated without ceremony."

    Seems to describe most births to celebrities in Hollywood.

  5. Fornicatin' squirrels.

  6. These comments are hysterical!

  7. Terry, living as you do in the Frozen Northern United States, you get to miss out on a local event here in Southern California.

    No, I speak not of the swallows' return to San Juan Capistrano, but the Season of Parrot Fornication. Quite a number of neighborhoods have wild parrots residing here, including mine, and come spring, it's a veritable "Polly-Wants-an-Orgy" in the trees around my house. The screeching of a parrot in its throes of passion has a decibel level not heard since The Who last played the LA Coliseum.

    On the plus side, local schools have a cheap and easy opportunity for a field trip . . .


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