Friday, January 04, 2008

The writer's strike.

The only good thing about it is that I watch much less TV since all the shows are reruns. But it is very bad for all those affected by the strike - not just the writers - but set people, camera people, lighting people, everyone involved in a television production. Don't forget the advertisers... it all has an impact... you know - the economy stupid.


  1. The most surprising thing about the writers strike to me is not that Leterman, Leno and Conan are deprived of their monologues, but that virtually all of their "chat" during the show has been roughly scripted also.

    It's amazing to me that guys get paid that much to memorize and deliver bad jokes. I stopped watching them many years ago. I guess I know why now.

  2. I liked Letterman 20 years ago when he was wackier (e.g., when Chris Elliott was writing) and less bitter and political.

    I need my ugly betty fix,
    house, bones , csi, heroes etc etc etc .
    jackie parkes and joanna bogle are forever insisting we throw the thing out and living more fulfilled lives...
    but our tv [we've nicknamed him stanley] is like a member of the family !
    "stanley cheer us up please" - is the plea - and we're rarely disappointed [having a good supply of DVDs helps of course [wink!] ]


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