Monday, December 31, 2007

My predictions for 2008!

Every New Year's Eve I do my psychic thing and lay out my predictions for the coming year. This is the first year I am publishing the predictions however, and I hope they get picked up by Spirit Daily and a few other webloids. My accuracy has been about 99% in the past. (Everyone around Minneapolis will remember how I accurately predicted the name of the new coadjutor archbishop to replace Harry Flynn. I also foretold how Cathy and Adoro would both find new jobs this past year. And don't overlook the fact I foretold how Our Word blogspot would makeover their website. So here goes with my forecast for 2008... drum roll please!)

1) To start, what everyone is anxious to know, Hilary Clinton will indeed be elected the first female president of the U.S. and Obama will be the first black vice-president in history.

2) Oprah will be ordained as a minister and start her own Church where everyone just loves, eats, and prays.

3) The David Letterman Show will be cancelled because it is boring.

4) Elizabeth Taylor will pass away of natural causes.

5) Jon Lovitz will make a dramatic comeback reprising Ernest Borgnine's role in the 1950's film, Marty.

6) Madonna will return to the Catholic Church after visiting Lourdes (with her daughter Lourdes) for the 150th anniversary of the apparitions.

7) Many people will die throughout the world each day during 2008 - and only those closest to them will know about it.

8) Rosie O'Donnell will split up with her partner, and one of her children will write a tell-all book, similar to Mommie Dearest, and Rosie will play herself in the film.

9) The first arrests of bloggers on the grounds they committed hate crimes with their blog-postings will take place shortly after Hilary is elected president.

10) The situation in Pakistan will worsen when an as yet unknown man, with close ties to bin Laden, takes over the government in early summer.

11) The New Madrid fault will erupt near Memphis and swallow up Elvis' Graceland.

The rest is too horrible to reveal.


  1. Here are 10 predictions I got in an e-mail that I thought were worth passing along (actually they were the Protestant version, so I kinda sent them through RCIA!):
    1. God will still speak to us through His Word and His Church.
    2. God will still hear our prayers.
    3. The Holy Spirit will still move.
    4. God will still be present to us in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
    5. Jesus Christ will still give us His Body and Blood in Holy Communion.
    6. There will still be singing of praise to God.
    7. God will still pour out blessings on His people.
    8. There will still be room at the cross.
    9. Jesus will still love you.
    10. Jesus will still save the lost and forgive sins.

  2. You forgot to predict that BOTH OF OUR CARS WOULD DECIDE TO QUIT RUNNING TODAY!!!! Oh right - it's not 2008 yet.

    Not to worry - the birthday special upgrade to a rental Impala is on the way. No way was I not going to Costco to get my birthday present --ta da PHOTOSHOP

    Have a safe New Years.

    P.S. You're #1 prediction makes my blood run cold:(

  3. Very intriguing, Terry, and I fear that some of it will indeed come to pass.

  4. #1 is a scary thought.. Did I say that??

    Anna B.

  5. Oh, the memories of predictions past....

    You forgot your predictions that you would remain as sexy as you've always been in 2007 and you would be the focus of much admiration from the Queer Nation.

  6. Cath - that is just a given!

  7. Happy New Year everyone - I have to run to the liquor store before they close.

  8. I'm going to hold you to these, Terry. Especially the one about David Letterman being cancelled. That one alone would offset a Hilary election.


  9. They don't close til ten these days, Terry. If you don't know that, can we trust your predictions?

    Actually, I haven't celebrated "New Years" in many a year.

  10. Adoro1:10 PM

    Happy New Year! :-)

    Terry, I "Blessed" you today...check out my blog for the details. Can't wait to see your take on this.

    I'm going to predict your 3:

    Elena Vidal
    Don Marco
    and....a Wild Card of some sort.


  11. Obama for president

    If he can win in Iowa and do well in New Hampshire with Independent support, Obama will have earned the opportunity for a final appeal to Democrats. As he does so, he will undoubtedly tout his then-proven ability to attract Independents and attract new voters into the process. That is why Clinton’s status as frontrunner will be more vulnerable.

  12. weird prediction about your blogging thing - i've just been sent a directive from my boss [think what they're searching for in it's a mad, mad, mad, mad, world - and then think of a global company that I stack shelves for in the UK] we're now banned from saying anything about our employer on the blogosphere or cyberspace on the pain of dismissal.
    I've said some pretty harsh things about our present cardinal and our ex-prime minister - beginning to think I might get a knock on the door in the middle of the night - the world is turning so stalinist...


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