Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My patron for 2008...

St. Peter Chanel
The saint chosen for me to be my patron this year is St. Peter Chanel, and the devotion chosen for me is the devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus - which is a sinner's delight, let me tell you. I know who St. Peter is, and I have devotion to the most Precious Blood, which I will renew with the help of His grace. But I will have to examine the life of St. Peter more closely to determine why he chose me.

My thanks to Angela for orchestrating all of these graces for me.


  1. Annie Hall7:56 PM

    They ask for his intercession at every Mass at the French church downtown. I always think I will look him up and never do.
    How do you know he picked you? I have heard that Saints pick us, but how do we know?

  2. Annie - Happy New Year! Actually Angela of "Where Angels Go" had a thing on her blog and I registered and got St. Peter as a patron.

    While I think it is true saints pick us - it seems to me that Our Lord really matches us up - he attracts us to himself through different saints, just as we are attracted to one another on earth - and all of our friendships should lead us to God. Although - sometimes, others may pray to a particular saint for us, and thus the saint may present himself in the life of an unsuspecting soul.

    Then again - some saints seek out those who happen to be the focus of their mission... like Therese - who helps little souls and anyone who asks her intercession.

  3. Terry, I look forward to seeing how your devotions work out this year!

  4. Angela 'arranged' St Robert Bellarmine for me - how in the name of all sanity am I supposed to keep this guy happy ?


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