Sunday, December 30, 2007

When your secret is all found out...

When there are no more lies they can tell...

This morning I watched Sunday Morning on CBS - along with 60 Minutes, it is my favorite news show on television. They did a 12 to 15 minute segment remembering all of the notable people who died in 2007 - it was a long list of saints and sinners.
What became apparent throughout the montage of personalities, was the fact that all of these dead people, despite wealth, fame, accomplishment and so on, left everything we esteem important behind. The jaded Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsly, and the sweet sinner-convert-holylady televangelist, Tammy Faye, disappeared into the shadows of death. Death seemed to neutralize their reputations, and I simply felt sorry for them. They left everything behind. Despite their fame, they may not even garner a memory, save as a footnote in history. The inventors and sports figures who died perhaps left a more lasting legacy, as had entertainers such as the powerful Merv Griffin, and in comparison - the lowly Charles Nelson Riley. Yet remembered after death or not, their memory is but a shadow of the illusion their lives became for us.
The saying is cliche, yet true, death is the great equalizer. Again, Sting's lyrics come to mind:
"When the doctors failed to heal you

When no medicine chest can make you well

When no counsel leads to comfort

When there are no more lies they can tell

No more useless information

And the compass spins

The compass spins between heaven and hell" - "Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot" - Sting


  1. I think it was Fox News that did a special report on the year's top ten murders or crimes.

    Are they running out of stuff to do over there?

  2. Yep, Terry -- dead is dead! My Dad was a hoarder and I watch for that tendency in myself.


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