Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Celebrity look-a-like bloggers.

I told Vincenzo that I thought Cathy of Alexandria looks a lot like Kathy Najimy - actually, I think they are one and the same. Vinny and Cath had been discussing who Fr. Z looks like - Bobby Darin or Kevin Spacey. (I could go either way - whatever - Father looks very cool in shades and his cassock.) I love to pick out celebrity look-a-likes. I'm often told I look like Aaron Eckhart - but I don't really see the resemblance myself.

Maybe I'll do a post on what celebrities my other favorite bloggers look like - don't steal my idea now!


  1. I think Cathy is prettier. But, Terry, the resemblance between you and Aaron Eckhart is uncanny. LOL!


  2. I still think I look like Paulette Goddard but this photo of Kathy Najimy will do.

    I've also been told I look like Julia Roberts and Jeanne Garafolo. In fact, in college, my nickname was Julia becuase one gal thought I looked like Julia Roberts and it perpetuated. Personally, I don't see that resemblance but whatever.

    Actually, I'm grateful that people don't think I look like Casey the Gorilla at Como Zoo!

  3. Oh, and Tom I'm sending you a big kiss for the compliment!

  4. I decided to mothball the old blog. You can find the new one here:

  5. That's funny! I always thought that Fr. Z looked like Kevin Spacey!


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