Sunday, August 19, 2007

That's hot!

Hundreds get naked to expose Global Warming.

Is it art or is it politics? (Maybe it's Maybelline.) All I can say is that I'd be embarrassed - you know - shrinkage. (It doesn't just happen to glaciers.)


  1. the original just me7:53 PM

    That is just so Seinfeld!

  2. Where's Waldo?

    THERE he is!

  3. Ray! You never watched Seinfeld? The episode with George - at the beach house?

  4. Oh, is it wrong to pray for global warming? Sometimes it so cold in Canada. ;}

  5. There are parts of the body that should probably not be exposed to the sun-ouch-is all I'm sayin'

    George had problems because he was in the water too long. Classic episode.

    Can I just note that the group might have picked a better place to be naked then lying on a wide-open baking rock (salt?) flat? Gee, how about a nice green field? Or, floating out on the water? But, I'm probably looking for sanity in the wrong group. Where's Al Gore?


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