Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Post Vatican II Reforms...

Snarchitectural Digest.

Look what happened to this Church after the renovation was over. I like the green rug and glass ceiling however... kind of a Hogwart's illusion thingie going on.
(Thanks to Jeffrey at Roving Medievalist for the photo.)


  1. A Cromwellovation?

  2. I'd better not put my name on this!9:46 AM

    I usually go to the Ecumenical Sung Vespers held there each year(Sept 9th 2007 is the next).

    Whilst various rulers and protectors of this land have left their mark on the old place, you may be pleased to know that the Catholic contingent stirs the soul with a powerfully sung Salve Regina each year and we know how to sing the responses at the vespers too! All that's missing is a soccer stadium chant of "What's it like to be out sung?" directed at our Anglican brethren. The tide is slowly turning.

    All done with the best possible Christian charity, you understand!

  3. The Salve must be beautifully poignant sung there.


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