Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anonymous comments.

Closet snarks.

I've never liked them - and obviously, they have never liked me or what I've had to say. I have to wonder however, why do they post anonymously? Are they afraid I'll snark them out - or somehow beat them up? Or are they hiding their identity so that others won't think badly of them for what they had to say? Or do they know me and occasionally see me - friendly to my face, but having another face they don't want to show?
Anyway - comment moderation is staying on and anonymous comments will not be posted in the future. If you want to say something negative that is fine - but get some balls and leave an identity.


  1. There are so many cowards who use the internet as an outlet. So pathetic.

  2. I've posted a couple of times anonymously with The Wild Reed. But I don't like the practice either.

    I use my first name and my last can be found on my blog.

    I don't like pseudonyms that can't be traced back to a blog or web page, either. Cathy, the I.C. Adoro and others aren't really secretive, and all of their names have been revealed at one time or another (Gertrude, Ingeborg and Giesela, I think). And all of their web pages are open to inquirers to find out more about them.

  3. Ray, what are you talking about? I AM Catherine of Alexandria.

    Terry: Yep. I have moderation on now too. We both know the reasons why.

  4. You know that I often sign off with celebrity names on cathy's, adoro's, and your blog, right? I wouldn't have to do this because most people can tell it's me if the comment doesn't make sense or has little to do with the post, etc. - just to be funny... otherwise, I always sign my name. Getting older has it's advantages.

    I often know who many "anonymous" signatures are. Once or twice it has been a snarky priest I know; many times it's been a person or two or three - or their husband - whom I once worked with; but the most surprising is this little vole-looking woman who works for the archdiocese - nasty little church-lady that she is.

    Thanks for asking.

  5. I've considered using comment moderation, but I do get a lot of very nice anon commenters, and they do sign their names. Occasionally it's someone who wants to be truly anonymous but doesn't say anything inflammatory, even if they're taking a position opposite mine. That's rare, though.

    Most disagreeing anons are, sadly, snarky and cowardly.

    I've posted on blogs anonymously a few times, but it's never been a snark thing.

    And Ray, what are you talking about?

    My name IS "Adoro". Yeah, my parents were anti-hippies.

  6. Geez I have no idea what's going on or what I'm missing...

    Sorry if you're having problems though, Terry.

  7. I allow anon comments, but have had to turn on comment moderation lately because of a few folks. Most people have been kind and do sign their names, but some like to flame without fearing reprisal.

  8. I don't mind anon comments, but I don't publish every comment I get. It's kinda fun to hit the "reject this comment" feature. I only do that for the really nasty ones though. I have been known to make a post out of them, too, though, especially if they are on a really old post where no one will see the nastiness and have a chance to correct their charity level.

  9. I'm mostly a blog lurker rather than a commenter, but if I ever do comment as 'anon', it's usually because I'm too lazy to log in.


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