Monday, August 20, 2007

Desperately sick people...

Internet addiction.

A report out says Internet addiction is a form of OCD and is worse than sexual addiction, gambling and kleptomania:

Internet addiction is classified by mental health professionals as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a mild to severe mental health condition that results in an urge to engage in ritualistic thoughts and behavior. "Internet addiction is not manifesting itself as an ‘urge.’ It’s more than that. It’s a deep ‘craving.’ And if we don’t make the change in the way we classify Internet addiction, we won’t be able to treat it in the proper way," Dannon said Friday in a release. - UPI

My first thought was about all of those people at work, wasting hours out of their day, surfing the net and blogging on the job. But the study is actually pointing to teens and people in their mid-50's as the true addicts. Obviously the office workers aren't being caught yet. Like gamblers who embezzle money from their companies to support their habit - Internet surfers at work pretty much embezzle time from the employer.

I consoled myself as I concluded, just like gay activists who persuaded the Psychiatric profession to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders - if we Internet addicts stand together - we can get this one off the books too. (Those pesky mental health professionals! Always looking for more business!)


  1. I don't have a problem. Nothing you can say will make me think I have a problem.

  2. Ditto what swissmiss said as I sit here at work and write this..Hey, don't throw rocks at glass houses, Terry! (referring back to when you used to be employed)

  3. Jeron1:14 PM

    Gee, Terry. If I didn't surf at work, you'd never hear from me 'cuz I know how much you detest talking on the phone.

  4. Luckily for me, when I am at work in between calls, I am free to use the internet for my own purposes, as we are on a stipend then and not a wage. Now, if I were to bring my laptop in the ambulance, then yeah, I'd say I have a problem!

  5. Cathy - I have no idea what you are talking about. And anyway - this post wasn't about you - it is about Jeron and the Crescat. LOL!

  6. Anonymous2:44 PM

    How can you say I have OCD and am blog-addicted, and then act like I have a choice in the matter? You're a drug, Terry. I NEED YOU!

  7. See - anonymous comments like that will make it through the censors.

  8. Jeron3:18 PM

    That was ME, you dolt! I forgot to put my name. Seriously, Terry, you're like peanut brittle. I can't help myself!

  9. Hi, my name is Ray and I'm an Internet Addict. But I don't have a job. And I should because some creditors would like that.

  10. With respect to the photo, it reminds me of the time that I had a part time job as a receptionist/file clerk at the Variety Club Heart Hospital, part of the U of MN Hospitals complex.

    When the weather was inclement, I would walk through the various halls of the hospitals to get to work. One day I noticed that there were dozens of iron lungs down the halls on both sides. I asked someone what was going on.

    They told me that since a vaccine had been found for polio, about 1954 or so, iron lungs were no longer needed in this country and they were collecting them from various hospitals to be sent to South Korea where it still was a major problem.

    Back in those days when I was so full of optimism about how my generation was going to cure all of the world's ills, I found this to be my first evidence that that would become so. I, and so many others, had just recently become infatuated with Kennedy's inauguration speech theme "Ask not what your country can do for you, but for what you can do for your country."

    Sadly, my generation created a whole new range of "ills."


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