Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Social event of the neighborhood...

"Take Back the Night" or something.

My neighbors across the street are insisting I join them tonight for their block party. I can't really pretend I'm not home or anything like that - they can see my house. I guess it's something to do with "National Night Out" - can't those people down the block just be content with a wave and a smile when they see me out in the yard, or when I drive by? (I'm sure that crazy woman with the kids will be there too.) Do I have to bring some kind of picket sign? Is this about people "coming out" - I'm so against that. (There are a lot of lesbians in the neighborhood.)

If I show up, maybe I should wear my goalie mask and bring my chainsaw - since I'm trimming trees in my yard.


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    You should wear the "wife-beater" tank!

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  3. No wonder I heard your name mentioned on the police scanner last night!

    I think a Freddy Krueger mask with the long razor nails on your hand would be a better and more fearsome neighborly touch then the Leatherface/Jason melding. Just trying to give you some fashion advice here, hon.

    Yes, I'm the one who keeps deleting my comments. I can't type very well today. But, it keeps your stats up!

  4. I ended up not going - they did not put traffic blocks up and I was afraid I'd get hit by a car if I crossed the street. (It's hard to see with that goalie mask on. And Cath, my last surgery already made me look like Freddy - hence the goalie mask.)


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