Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cats who don't exercise...

This looks like my kitty, Xena-Celine. She has an eating disorder and doesn't exercise...just like her dad. (Agnes is my kitty who is mentally ill...just like her dad.)


  1. If you have a dog that talks to aliens...just like his father, then I will begin to worry. Curious, has your cat been diagnosed as mentally ill?

  2. No, not at all - but she is so psycho-funny! Very high-strung. (Oh! And I haven't been either...yet! LOL!)

  3. Xena-Celine better watch it, she might be canned for dog food .... just read this AM the protest of Bunny Lovers in the WSJ who were upset a lady has been packaging bunny meat for Cats to eat ... one has called for cats to be canned for dogs ... Definition of "eating disorder" expands today in WSJ ...


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