Friday, August 10, 2007

The mystery of the battered Bishop...

Agatha Christi, where are you?

For some reason there is a mystery developing over Bishop Donald Pelotte, who told police he had been injured when he fell in his house. He had been taken to a Phoenix hospital with serious injuries doctors described as more typical of a beating than a fall. The Bishop isn't saying anything more, and the police are seeking a judge's ruling as to whether the police photos of his injuries may be publicly released.

So what's the big deal and whose business is it anyway? I think interested parties are looking to prove he was beaten - which may imply something more...


  1. There was one written news report that indicated that there has been mentally handicapped man who had threated the Bishop in the recent past. It is a strange situation if he hadn't fallen ... or why he hadn't called for help ... strange

  2. Well somebody may have gotten away with assault and battery.


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