Wednesday, November 14, 2018

This is what gay people put themselves through ...

In and Out.

It's sort of a sad story, but so many religious people who are SSA - or gay - go through it.

They embrace Catholic teaching with a vengeance.  They abandon Catholic teaching with equal fervor.  In and out.  I don't want to say any more - but it is something I have discussed on this blog numerous - nay, innumerable times.  It's nuts.  I get sharply criticized for talking about it as well.

Richard Evans.

I've followed him for years, his public in and out of the Catholic Church struggle...  Over the years, he has friended me and unfriended me - even blocked me, I think.
Many of you reading this are familiar with much of my journey and story. If you are, you likely know that I have had more than my share of struggles in my pursuit of Catholicism at her core. That core is chasing holiness. To quote the Baltimore Catechism, which I was raised on, in question 6 of the very 1st lesson: “Why did God make you? God made me know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven.” Simple and obvious, right? Yet it seems to have somewhat eluded me for over 60 years. Or to be more honest I did much of the eluding, at least in large part. 
The original story of my return to the Church in 2005, after 35 years away, is featured elsewhere, as are the struggles which have dogged me on and off for several years even after. In short, I have returned, re-returned, and re-returned yet again. Essentially, I have been converted, reverted, and rediscovered. Okay, you get it. My walk has not been in all cases exactly perfect or consistent. Not even close. 
In and Out of the Catholic Church.

That's the thing.  Although, truth be told, he never really left.

It's very difficult to disappear though.

And when one returns, it's probably more prudent not to judge other people as harshly as one may have been inclined to do before.

God bless you Richard!


  1. Every person has their own story about their love/hate relationship with the Chirch. It's complicated! Survise it to say we travel a lonely road in this journey and God's mercy and love endures forever.

  2. I had a revolving door relationship with the Church for many years. This mostly had to due with 'pelvic issues'. I suspect that's true for many people. The teachings are hard. I hate when some people romanticize them. I understand why the Church teaches what she does but it's still hard.


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