Sunday, August 12, 2018

Thinking with St. Francis of Assisi

I think I will observe the Lent of St Michael again this year.

Information for the Lent of St. Michael here.


  1. Hi! Thanks for linking to my old blog post; just a heads up, that link may become 404'd someday as I ceased blogging there. As a slacker, I haven't gotten around to porting all posts over to a different blog, but as it happens, I just did that with this one today. If you'd like to update the link to the new location, here it is:

    Thanks! (Feel free to delete this comment, consider it just a message.)

    1. Thanks Paul - I will update the link.

  2. Me, too, Terry. I just found out about it yesterday when I attended a neighboring fraternity's picnic. It seems to be more than called for right now. God bless you, brother, and God bless our holy Church.

  3. By way of auspicious serendipity, the Gospel for 26th week in ordinary time (ie Sep 30th the day after the Feast of the Archangels) is Mark 9:42, of millstone, neck, and sea. Having just celebrated my onomastico, St Clare on Friday, I look forward to joining you all in observing St Michael's Lent, my own "comfort-seeking behavior" is attachment to clutter - I will discard a box of junk everyday, and pursue a personal "purification of memory" by organizing intentionally the items retained, God willing.
    Grateful to you for posting this wee work of mercy in these difficult days for us here in PA.

  4. Thank you for this link - I had not heard of St Michael's Lent before but will be observing it. I often read but haven't commented before (I don't think). Thanks for all your thoughtful posts and prayers for you and yours.


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