Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I have to try to figure things out.

Be patient with me, Lord.

I have tried very hard to understand what is going on and I have tried to be charitable and accepting ... especially of myself.  I know I've been wrong about many things, too trusting and all of that.  I feel like a sheep without a shepherd, and no one is calling my name.  Maybe I don't recognize their voice, or worse maybe I don't want to.

I need to try and figure out what is happening.

I wonder if our times are simply more like the 11th century rather than the 'Great Apostasy' or the final 'end times'?  I was reading an older article in CWR on The Book of Gomorrah and thought it must be more like the 11th century than anything else.

This is one of the most interesting and relevant aspects of the book for the modern reader. Damian sees “sodomitic vice” as not only including homosexual acts (which he holds to be the most grievous kind of sodomy) but any form of sexual perversion, which notably includes contraception and masturbation, which he regards as closely related. In chapter four he notes that God “struck Onan, the son of Jude, with an untimely death because of this nefarious offense,” that is, spilling his seed upon the ground rather than completing the sexual act in the natural way.
I believe that by placing contraception and masturbation under the heading of “sodomy” Damian is recognizing a truth that seems to be all but completely forgotten among Catholics today, and that is that the sexual revolution and the rise of the social acceptance of unnatural sexual behavior is rooted in a contraceptive mentality that divorces the sexual act from its natural procreative purpose, and tends to make it into an act of selfish, narcissistic lust. Given the almost universal acceptance of contraception in our society, is it surprising that we have become so numb and unconcerned about the rise of more perverse forms of the same fundamental vice, and even applaud them? - Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

Today may be much worse because men in the Church promote sodomy as a virtue, not a vice - hence the general confusion and falling away.  I've been rather dismissive of that.  One must be careful lest one lose one's soul.

The reason it is important to me to figure this out should be obvious, though the damage has been done.

Fixing a hole.


  1. Terry, don't worry too much.

    You have it right.

    Anyhow- Life is complicated. These days even more complicated in its needless complexity than ever before (?)

    You, dear Terry - who apparently went through many variations of complexities and hardships before I happened to land on your website - have it very much right in the authentic Judean-Christian sense of the word.

    We are living in a rather/(bloody awful?) sick Western world - whether we are Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox or atheists. Most normal people see and realize this situation as a fact of our present life.

    From far away I observe the chaos brought into Christianity and the Western world by the Reformation/Rebellion of the C16 and how it is being played out especially in the USA and on our TV screens across the entire world. Your country is, of course, a basically Protestant Empire and has started out with the Calvinist Pilgrim "Fathers".

    As a former member born into a Reformed-Calvinist-type "church" I am absolutely convinced of the fact that the real problem started with the Reformation/Revolution - however well-meant in the 16th century.

    Perhaps even earlier, though: It began, of course, in the Catholic Church itself because there really was only one Church in Medieval times. Luther and Calvin were Catholics as we all know. But, as Scott Hahn points out (historically very convincingly), the rot started before their times. Google "Forerunners of the Reformation" on youtube.

    I entered the Catholic Church in my country in 2009. Was quite amazed at the "Protestant feel" it had (bad music at times, borrowed from the heck knows what USA sect....) Although - in 2009 it was still distinctly Catholic because of the priest, a warm, strong guy, who impressed me with his honesty and straightforwardness. He was a magnificent Catholic priest. Spoke truth to power. At the same time a guy who believed in, and lived out, with great humour and warmth the fundamental mercy and Love of God. He preached and lived Christ-like Love and Clarity (forgive the capital letters, I see Catholics tend to capitalize all kinds of concepts in grammar, not always necessary IMHO! But in this case it should be in upper case - IMO!)

    So Terry, I have wandered off, typical of an old woman. Forgive me.

    Just want to say: stop worrying. I learn a lot from you when it comes to the myriad of saints in the RCC. Of course I still look upon this phenomenon with less enthusiasm than most Catholics, being raised Reformed. But I want to thank you for your contribution in this regard. These saints help a hell-of -a-lot to confirm my strong "Biblical" faith in the power of the Gospel of Christ. In His Resurrection. In the New Life which He inaugurated for us all.

    But, may I ask you, please do open your mouth in real life as well! Please do that IN your parish, in the USA. You are a guy. This is NB!
    Christ was a Jewish man. And I am so grateful for that fact. Too many hysterical ultra-feminist females running the "show" in the USA and Western world at present. They show most of the times a distinct lack of logic and are IMO (as a female "who broke boundaries" according to the media in my country, LOL!), even greater power-seekers than all the males they currently "hate", including the entire "patriarchal, suppressive, power-hungry" version of their history of the world.
    I think our Church, including many of its priests, and some or most of its leaders are probably waiting to hear from us "lay people" in no uncertain terms to protest. To urge them on, to EXPECT OF THEM - to fix things that have - again - gone sadly amiss in their (?) idea of the Kingdom of God.

    This includes speaking up to some bishops. Read St Paul's letters. Study early Christian history. There have been rotten bishops from the very start of Christian Catholic/Orthodox history.
    Bless you, Terry.

    1. Dear Catherine - you are so kind - thanks for the encouraging words and especially your prayers! God bless you.

  2. https://www.fisheaters.com/srpdf/xLiguoriWayAndSalvation.pdf


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