Sunday, June 24, 2018

I could pretty much have said the same thing...

I honestly thought the rumors were invented by disgruntled, traditionalist-fruitcakes.

The first time I ever heard the truth about Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington, D.C., finally exposed as a sexual predator years into his retirement, I thought I was listening to a paranoiac rant.
That was before I realized that if you wanted the truth about corruption in the Catholic Church, you had to listen to the extreme-seeming types, traditionalists and radicals, because they were the only ones sufficiently alienated from the institution to actually dig into its rot. (This lesson has application well beyond Catholicism.) - Douthat, #Metoo Comes for the Archbishop

This is the painting I did of a dream I had
shortly after my return to the sacraments
in 1972 - today it makes more sense than ever.


  1. “everyone knew” but nobody would go on the record/conservatives who wanted to protect the church’s reputation had an excuse to keep his secrets safe"

    So let me get this straight ... if "everybody knew" does that apply to cardinals who are "championed" in traditionalist circles as defenders of the faith yet kept silent regarding Cardinal Theodore McCarrick? Just wonderin ...

    1. I don't know? Interesting question though. I'm guessing they had to know something though.

  2. Yeah. I think that’s another evil fruit of this kind of stuff - that it emboldens and validates the crazies. It’s similar to how every time the media is caught in a lie or distortion, it “validates” the Trump (bowel) movement. Sin and evil just poison everything, all around.

    1. Does it ever! I'm going to adoration more often and confession more often. How easily deceived I can be concerning everything!


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