Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Such a lack of civility!

I was watching the World Cup and couldn't help but notice how rough the game is.  Goalkeepers push players out of the way, players push and shove and kick other players.  Even the referees are rude.

It's a lot different from kick ball.


  1. I read the other day about one such famous player who made 93 million in 2017.

    Not sure if it was for playing in an uncivilized manner though. ­čść­čść

  2. It is hockey without skates! You do not even address the behavior of fans, soccer hooligans, who are described as all those things x 100 and often drunk to boot.

    1. Now, an example of civility without being screamed at, threatened by the pc crowd or reported for displaying your faith in the public square.

      The joy of the Lord is beautiful to behold!

      I wonder if Brazil is doing well in the FIFA games because of these beautiful men of faith. Let's pray they remain innocent and uncorrupted but pure of heart and love for Christ, His Church, His people!

      Viva il Papa!


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