Saturday, February 24, 2018


CM donation banner.

Or profiteering?

I get it it.  I understand that websites cost money and media outlets are expensive to operate - EWTN for instance, like CBN and Jim Bakker need donor support to exist.  Nothing wrong with that.

The other day I left a comment on Fr. Longenecker's FB page promoting his blog post on his review of Michael Voris' new book.  The blog post is available to donor subscribers only, and so I simply commented, "Pay for view".  It was a sort of comment that could be taken any way I guess.  I simply made the comment, as one might in a conversation - a throw out comment.  Online it's difficult to pick up on that, especially if one is accustomed to criticism, or my own 'crack-pot' comments.  I 'liked' Fr.'s response explaining the expenses of operating a website and why some of his stuff is reserved for the donor-supporters.  That's fair, it makes sense, and he's a writer and deserves to be paid.  Not a problem.  It just seemed weird in that particular instance since his was a 'review' of Voris's book - at Voris's request, which is naturally something done as part of promotion and to boost sales.  So one has to pay to read a review as well?  I'm just saying.  I don't get out much.

I know one subscribes to news online, the NYT and WSJ give readers 5 freebies a month, after that one must subscribe to read more.  That's fine if Catholic entrepreneurs follow suit.  It's fine if people support themselves through donor subscriptions and all of that.  Nice work if you can get it.

With Voris - or 'Church Militant' - it seems a bit more like 'war profiteering' at times.  Their attack upon Church officials and at times, detraction of bishops is deliberately incendiary and provocative, it often goes beyond denunciation of clerical corruption.  I think they and others misinterpret the understanding of Church militant, which comprises all of us who struggle against the world, the flesh and the devil.  It is not a struggle against fellow Catholics or the hierarchy.  It is not about enforcing canons and interdicts or calling for judgments against ecclesiastics.  That's not the spiritual combat Christ calls the ordinary Christian to.

I would never contribute to sites which promote that sort of thing.

Maybe flaming like Savonarola, but...

UPDATE:  I just got this piece of tabloid crap from CM's Facebook page.  The comments are scandalous and disgusting.


  1. Another reason not to Facebook

    1. It may also be another reason why people are not attracted to the Church and why some leave it.

    2. Yeah. Fr has a family to support. Absent that knowledge, I'd think he was a jerk for paywall.

      I don't read a lot of blogs, yours and a few others and am working on reducing internet time.

      W regard to Baby, my sister was called Sissy, but we moved and mom decided that wasn't a good nickname for a child, so I can imagine a child being called baby forever after.

      Knowing nothing about Card Tobin I can't comment on other possibilities.

    3. So what if Cardinal Tobin referred to his sister as baby? I see nothing wrong with that since maye he's called her that for some time?

      I am close to my nieces and nephews and use their childhood nicknames all of the time but being from a Mexican background, well, that's normal.
      My youngest nephew I refer to "Baby" when we speak, and he's 24 and has no problem with it. It is a term of endearment since I love him as my own.

      "Catholics with filthy mouths"

      Minds too ...

    4. I use terms of endearment like that all of the time - always have. I worked with some black ladies who called everyone baby - even the nuns. I use poodle like that and other terms - can't count how many people I call sweetie or sweetheart. G'nite sweet hearts!

    5. I had an old uncle who would refer to his daughter as "baby girl" even when said girl was well into her fifties. =)

  2. Poor Cardinal "Thug" Tobin. He really stepped in it this time. Nobody believes his story about how he was messaging his sister. Who calls their sister "baby?" He should just come clean.

    1. Where do you guys get calling certain Cardinals a 'thug' from? A thug is a criminal, a violent criminal. How is this Cardinal Bishop a criminal? What violence has he or any other prelate perpetrated? You see need to understand it is calumny to use that term against the man. It is very wrong to do that.
      The first time I came across that language is from Frank Walker at Canon 212. His 'headlines' are often false and defamatory, even slanderous.

    2. This is the standard language of the dissenter and the liberal: demonize those in authority by using offensive terms like "thug", "heretic", "devil", and so on. It worked for Martin Luther 500 years ago, but it's getting awfully tired now.

      If Tobin is guilty of sodomy or any other rupture of his vow of celibacy, say so openly and with evidence, and let him face the appropriate (and severe) punishment in this life and in the next one. Until then, you have as much right to call him a "thug" as I do to call you a Swedish porn star.

    3. Thank you, Mr. Nelson. As someone who has probably read too much Paul Scott, I might add that whatever Cardinal Tobin's failings may prove to be, I seriously doubt he travels with innocent victims, breaks their necks and worships the goddess Kali. =)

  3. you can read my blogs for free.....

  4. Rad Trad ...."attack upon Church officials and at times, detraction of bishops is deliberately incendiary and provocative, it often goes beyond denunciation of clerical corruption"....and it will lead to the murder of the Fatima Pope and faithful on top a steep Mountain......


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