Sunday, February 25, 2018

Prayers for Syria

We have school shootings - they have suffered war for seven years, and today many, many children are massacred in Ghouta.
The victims in the Eastern Ghouta include 121 children. - BBC
And now airstrikes resume after UN approves ceasefire. - BBC


  1. So sad so many innocents are killed over and over. Life has no value to those who are thirsting for power. We, in the West, grow complacent, fat, indifferent. Stuck in Afghanistan for how long now? 20 years without anything resolved ... how long before everyone is stretched thin in Syria and North Korea ... more children will be lost.

    I am so tired of all of this but pray I must.

    Many prayers ...

  2. So very sad. Respect for life seems at an all time low. Syria, home of the early Christian Church, is disintegrating before our eyes. When children are victims of ruthless people we see evil unleashed and no one is safe. Again we see Russia's arm in creating and perpetuating chaos. Another example that she is spreading her errors everywhere she can.

  3. The rebel forces in Syria should place themselves in separate cities from women and children. Both sides are wrong in this matter and one of the requirements of a just war is a reasonable hope of victory which the rebels simply do not have with Russia and Iran helping Assad. Both forces are getting the children killed.


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