Thursday, February 22, 2018

Battle Royal On EWTN Tonight!

Ratings spike!

Spadaro won't be there but the 'Papal Posse' tag team of Arroyo and Murray and Royal will be, I hope!
February 21, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — During a lively segment of EWTN's "The World Over" last week, “Papal Posse” members Robert Royal and Father Gerald Murray weighed in on three segments from papal adviser Father Antonio Spadaro’s lecture at Georgetown University. They also commented on the Bishop Barros scandal and Cardinal Cupich’s planned New Momentum series of conferences. Spadaro’s lecture was entitled “Pope Francis’ Global Vision and his work for a more just and peaceful world.” 
“Pithy,” remarked Arroyo. - LifeSite
I'm waiting for you-know-who to mention Fr. Spadaro's interest in Pier Vittorio Tondelli when he comments on this current wrestling match - I wonder if Zed has ever been on EWTN?  Pity.


  1. Hahahaha, really, I've used the word WWF-ization when referring to both Catholic and American politics these days.

    1. It's like the perfect analogy because of how heated it gets - and all the fake stuff. When I was little there was this announcer, Wally Carbo who always acted so scared when he interviewed the wrestlers. Loved that guy.

  2. During the last papal elections, I enjoyed watching these three banter, speculate and comment on the state of the Church.
    My other favorites were Cardinals George, O'Malley, Wuerl, they were great.

    After the election of Papa Francis, well, Arroyo and team were downhill for me because that's when "pithy" took over.

    1. I used to watch as well. I have to watch tonight though.

    2. Make sure you're nice and cozy with your hot chocolate and fresh baked oatmeal cookies. ^^)
      I looked at the word elections ... I should say "conclave" instead.

      Off topic ... Terry, did you take a gander at that sculpture on Papa Benny that is said to have caused an uproar?

      I don't care for the black looking/creepy eyes nor do I care for his being shirtless but otherwise, the sheer ability to capture the frailty, muscle wasting and veins protruding using solid cold marble is a sight to behold. You're the artist though so you will be able to see it with a much more discerning eye.

    3. I saw a glimpse on some news site but didn't click - I do not want to see our Holy Father Benedict like that.

      I also watched World Over - Raymundo was fine and there was no retaliatory response. Actually - he was quite good - excellent interview with Cardinal Muller. Everything sounded very faithful despite Raymundo's leading questions. These issue are not mine to settle or concern myself with.

  3. Your statement "The issues are not mine to settle or concern myself with" says it all. And that's why I read very few Catholic blogs.


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