Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pope Francis Addresses the Issue of 'Fake News'.

Orwellian times.

The Holy Father has certainly been a victim of fake news, no doubt - but in this document, he addresses the more pervasive problem as it infects every aspect of social media and mainstream media.  Not to mention its effects.  Below is an excerpt.

What is at stake is our greed. Fake news often goes viral, spreading so fast that it is hard to stop, not because of the sense of sharing that inspires the social media, but because it appeals to the insatiable greed so easily aroused in human beings. The economic and manipulative aims that feed disinformation are rooted in a thirst for power, a desire to possess and enjoy, which ultimately makes us victims of something much more tragic: the deceptive power of evil that moves from one lie to another in order to rob us of our interior freedom. That is why education for truth means teaching people how to discern, evaluate and understand our deepest desires and inclinations, lest we lose sight of what is good and yield to every temptation.
Constant contamination by deceptive language can end up darkening our interior life. Dostoevsky’s observation is illuminating: “People who lie to themselves and listen to their own lie come to such a pass that they cannot distinguish the truth within them, or around them, and so lose all respect for themselves and for others. And having no respect, they cease to love, and in order to occupy and distract themselves without love they give way to passions and to coarse pleasures, and sink to bestiality in their vices, all from continual lying to others and to themselves.” (The Brothers Karamazov, II, 2). - Pope Francis’ message for the 52nd World Day of Social Communications.

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  1. Leave it to Pope Francis to hit the nail on the head. Thank you for sharing. I think this is exactly what is happening. We all are prone to lying to ourselves. Thing is so long as we know it is a lie there is hope that grace will set us free. Thanks again. I will reflect on this post for awhile Terry.


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