Monday, August 14, 2017

St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Militia Centenary

*In 1917 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the conversion of Alphonse Ratisbon, renowned anti-Catholic and agnostic of Jewish lineage, St. Maximilian was moved by divine grace to found a pious association of the faithful known as the Militia of the Immaculate.
The Militia was to be a loosely organized tool in the hands of for the conversion and sanctification of non-Catholics, especially those inimical to the Church. Its members consecrated themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary, invoked Her daily for the conversion of sinners, and strove by every licit means to build up the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart throughout the world. - More here.


  1. The link isn't working :(

    1. Must be too old - I reprinted this from an old post.

    2. I knew a group of Father Kolbe Missionaries who lived together as consecrated lay women in West Covina, California. They had a day of recollection once a month with the Norbertine Fathers coming to minister to them and to us who attended all the way from Irvine and Long Beach. Ca.

      I went many a time and took my mom when she was much more active. I miss those days and not even sure they are still in the area. I think I will do a bit of research and see if they're still around.

      Saint Maximilian Kolbe pray for us! Happy feast day!


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