Thursday, July 20, 2017

Stuff like that ... Archbishop Chaput and other stuff.

Catholique intégriste ... like it's a bad thing.

My original interest in La Civiltà Cattolica article by Spadaro was because it it a nerve with Catholic fundamentalists.  I was thinking mostly of the anti-Francis types who contribute to LifeSiteNews, 1P5, and all the really crazy little sites - Ann Barnhardt , a contributor to The Remnant believe it or not.  Likewise, it was no surprise people at Acton U would come undone - and that is always interesting, because when they open their mouths you know money is involved.

I'm not political, I do not have a degree in theology or philosophy, so I'll admit I jumped on the superficial message from La Civiltà Cattolica article.  Ignoring, if you can the misinformation embedded in the title of the article: “Evangelical Fundamentalism and Catholic Integralism in the USA: A Surprising Ecumenism”, especially any connection to ecumenism - since the very traditionalist are more or less against it.  Thus, when you look closely at some of the more extreme traditional Catholic sites, Spadaro's contention really makes sense.  Read the com boxes of these site, as well as the articles - which on some level is not too far off sites like Novus Ordo Watch - and you will find evidence of Catholic Integralism.  If I catch it, under-educated, crack-pot blogger that I am, it certainly has to be obvious to others who know more than I do.

That said, Archbishop Chaput's article is very well stated - as usual, and he clarifies many important points, uniting Christians, rather than dividing.  I love it when Chaput intervenes in the discussion - what an incredible contrast are his words compared with the reactionary invective from angry Catholics online - priests as well.  He calls out error without attacking the character of the authors (he did the same with Fr. Martin, SJ).  Unlike me, and unfortunately other commentators online, Archbishop Chaput addresses the real problems within the article itself - without any veiled criticism of the Pope Francis, or ad hominem suggestions of sexual orientation of the authors.  The Archbishop's article is well worth the read and his words need to be pondered.

Catholics are called to treat all persons with charity and justice. That includes those who hate what we believe. It demands a conversion of heart. It demands patience, courage and humility.   - Archbishop Chaput, A Word About Useful Tools

I wish the Archbishop could, or would, address the hateful rhetoric and gossip in many places online, which is leveled against the Pope and the Magisterium, as well as the liturgical rites of the Church.  The conspiracy theories and wild interpretations of secular news stories is spun in a way to discredit the Church and her ministers.  It should be more than obvious in the way Michael Voris and Church Militant has been rejected as a legitimate Catholic news source, yet continues to exercise influence upon vulnerable Catholics who are confused by disparate messages from clergy and bishops.  It is one thing to challenge Jesuit publications, but mom and pop Catholic bloggers do not help matters, rather they more or less foment fear, mistrust, and in many cases hate.  To verify that, all one needs to do is read Catholic social media and skim Catholic news aggregator headlines.  If anyone in the Vatican reads that stuff - they would have to find the Civiltà Cattolica article a bit more credible than we in the United States like to believe.


  1. "under-educated, crack-pot blogger that I am"

    I am an under-educated, crack-pot commentator but I have fun. ;) Sure hope you take a gander at the link I left you in the other thread. It will give you a smile.

    I have always admired Archbishop Chaput since he is a man of faith and reason and calm. God bless him and keep him safe!

  2. FYI, 1P5 and Church Militant don't really represent Catholic Integralism. For a more accurate representation of Integralism, see or the blog of Pater Edmund Waldstein:

    Also, see for the perspective of an integralist on the article.

  3. I support the La Civiltà Cattolica article by Spadaro

    I think he got the idea from reading my blog....


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