Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Attention L'intégrisme ...

Archbishop Gänswein has something to say to you.

ROME - Responding to interpretations of a recent reference by emeritus Pope Benedict XVI to the Church being near “capsizing,” the retired pontiff’s closest aid on Tuesday said it’s a “fantasy” to set him up against Pope Francis.
“They’re trying to use the pope emeritus in an anti-Francis tone,” said German Archbishop Georg Gänswein, speaking to the Italian daily Il Giornale.
“Stupid people,” Gänswein said. “The emeritus pope was deliberately exploited, he wasn’t alluding to anything specific with that phrase, but talking about the situation of the Church of today and that of the past as a boat that doesn’t sail in calm waters. Francis also says this.” - Crux

[I nearly fell for the fantasy story as it broke last weekend as well ... not in the same way as the anti-Francis detractors - nevertheless, their interpretation is one more reminder to avoid Catholic fake news sites.  Take a look at this however, the comments at 1P5 here are so full of conspiracy theories and innuendo, it's not funny.]


  1. "I nearly fell for the fantasy story as it broke"

    Gasp! Really??? I simply and utterly cannot believe it that you too would fall for such rubbish of fake news since to do so would be to believe our beloved Papa Benny is lying. Is that not what these fake stories imply? To take the good name and reputation of a faithful son and then spin the story to suit the needs of those who live in the fire pot so that others will "come to their side against Pope Francis?"

    And the scandal of the Regensburger Domspatzen choir boys abuse so-called Georg Ratzinger connection, that's old news having first been reported back in 2010 while Papa Benny was at the helm. It is a sad story since so many innocent were hurt but Msgr. Georg had nothing to do with it according to those 2010 reports.

    Pope's brother asks for forgiveness over violence at school


    The smears and innuendos rear their ugly heads once again and towards men of good will and strong faith. I trust them with all of my heart since they have taught me the joy that comes from loving Christ and His Church. They have my benefit of doubt 100%.
    Those men are Papa Francis, Papa Benny, Cardinal Mueller, Msgr. Georg and Archbishop Gänswein, all currently mudslinger targets whose reputations are being questioned.

    I refuse to read or to listen to those who profess to be "good Catholics" while they spew such vitriol about these honorable men. I admit I do not know their hearts nor their minds but I trust them by their example and their grace to weather the storm and to embrace their cross with love, faith and integrity.

    I entrust them and will continue to do so to our Lord's good graces and will also pray for those who are tossing the mud around.

    Let's keep praying!

    1. No - not in the sense the anti-Francis people understood it - I took it that Pope Benedict was indeed talking about our times - what with the attacks against the Magisterium and the papacy - as in the vision of Don Bosco - I always see Benedict in that light. Never did I think he would be against Pope Francis - totally the opposite. So I removed a post or comment which may have been interpreted as believing that Benedict was sending out a secret message. Naturally, these people smear Ganswein in the process now that he speaks out against them.

      They will reject every correction and oppose every statement coming from the Vatican. Not to worry - I do not believe them.

    2. Yaya!

      You almost forgot! The reason the choir boy scandal is back in the news is because "the commission of inquiry has now completed its work and on Tuesday, July 18, the findings were announced. No accusation of sexual abuse was moved against Georg Ratzinger, who in 2010 asked for forgiveness for his excessive anger, admitting that he had given some slaps, and that he wasn’t aware of the seriousness of the events that took place in the school. The victims’ lawyer stated that Georg Ratzinger could not not have known, and that he had somehow covered what was happening. It is necessary to wait and read the papers in detail, however already in 2010 Benedict XVI’s brother had stated that he had never known about allegations of sexual abuse."

      The rest can be read here ...

      To imply that somehow our Holy Father "pedaled" the story in order to smear the Ratzinger brothers is beyond the pale of charity and decency.

      Okay! Let's have ourselves a good lunch and then resume our chores Yaya because internet drama is so overrated! Buen dia, Terry! ;)

    3. I know Terry. I was teasing you. Anyway, I have spammed you too much today. I read Papa Emerito with great interest since he is always on target about the state of the Church and yet he always does so with love and hope.
      That's good enough for me.

      Thanks again for your solid blog!

    4. Thanks Yaya - I corrected my text BTW. Anyway - the recent garbage about Ratzinger should be a clear sign that people are out to defame the papacy and the Church, to cash in on all the rumors which generate such confusion. These rad-trad fundamentalists are buying into all the rubbish.

  2. So again we see the internet sowing the seeds of confusion. I am decreasing my use by half. Going only to my trusted sites. I think of the Tower of Babel and how the more people talked the less they understood. Novena to St Anne is now it the third day. It is reminding me of the importance of family and God's guidance and grace.

  3. Hallelujah for Archbishop Ganswein! Somebody needed to say this!

    I had always known that Benedict and Francis were part of a papal continuity. There are numerous photos of them together showing an evident rapport between them.

  4. Unfortunately, the saga of "he said/she said" continues on FB but I found something that I hope you and my fellow Abbey Roads blog fans will enjoy since a sense of humor eases one's mind and lifts up one's heart. ^^

    1. LOL! I just shared it on Facebook - thanks Yaya.

  5. Damage control. That's all this denial is. Francis wants to shut Pope Benedict up, and this is how its done.


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