Tuesday, July 18, 2017

On the necessity of good friendship.

A childhood friend of mine has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer.

I think I owe a great deal to him for making virtue attractive.  He was always so good, and I had the greatest respect for him - all through life.  I think I was always careful to be a better person around him. In fact all of my friends at that time were good, and a couple even devout.  It's a wonder their parents permitted them to be friends with me, but my friend once told me his mother felt sorry for me.  Thinking of our friendship and my troubled home life, I thank God for having such close friends at such a difficult age.  Their families became a sanctuary for me at a time which was particularly troubling at home.  Thinking of all of this last night, I was reminded of something Teresa of Avila said regarding her own experiences at that age.  I think it good advice even today.

If I should have to give advice, I would tell parents that when their children are this age (middle school) they ought to be very careful about whom their children associate with. For here lies the root of great evil since our natural bent is toward the worst rather than toward the best. - Teresa of Avila
Please pray for my friend Larry.  Thank you.

When he was younger my friend
bore a striking resemblance
to Dirk Bogarde.


  1. Just put him into the hands of Our Lady and St. Camillus de Lellis.

    1. True! Thanks - and St. Camillus - one of my favorite guys.

  2. Terry - I think that God puts certain people in our paths on purpose. For you, Larry is an anchor and a refuge, someone you felt safe with at a very unstable and difficult time in your life. But maybe Larry also sees something very good in you that he wants in his life - a decent and steady companion, with a strong streak of faithfulness.

    This does not have to do with what you have written, but I think it is also true that God yanks us out of situations and away from people that are dangerous for us, people and situations we would never leave on our own. Maybe that's why bad things happen to good people - divorce, job loss, etc.

    Anyway, Diakonos has good advice. I will pray for you both.

    Peace to all here - Susan, ofs

    1. I left Catholic school in 7th grade and my mother moved us to the Italian neighborhood - it was a consolation for me to live among Catholic Italians.

  3. I'll be at adoration in an hour and will pray for Larry.

  4. Praying the Divine Mercy chaplet for Larry.


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