Monday, July 17, 2017

So you think the Barque of Peter is in danger of capsizing?


Remember when the disciples were freaking out as they were tossed to and fro during the storm at sea, and Jesus was asleep in the boat?

Yeah.  Jesus was right in the boat, all cuddled up, sleeping, and the disciples were out of control and imagining the worst.  Jesus was left all alone - until they woke him up - turned to him in prayer.  Get it?

Anyway, something from Catherine of Siena sounds remarkably like something the Popes today might have said once or twice ...

Take heart in Christ gentle Jesus.

But it seems supreme eternal Goodness is making us do under coercion what we haven’t done for love. It seems he is permitting his Bride to be stripped of prestige and luxury, as if to show that he wants holy Church to return to being poor, humble, and meek as she was in those holy early days, when she was concerned only with God’s honor and the salvation of souls, taken up not with material things but with the spiritual. For ever since the Church has paid more attention to the material than to the spiritual, things have gone from bad to worse.
This is why you have seen God in his just judgment permitting the Church to suffer so many persecutions and trials. But take heart…and don’t be afraid, no matter what has happened or may yet happen. God is doing it to make the Church perfect once again, so that lambs may feed in this garden instead of the wolves who are devouring the honor that belongs to God by stealing it for themselves. Take heart in Christ gentle Jesus, for I trust that his help, the fullness of divine grace, will come soon to your support and aid. If you do as I’ve told you, you will emerge from war into the greatest peace, from persecution to complete unity—not by human power but by holy virtue—and you will defeat the devils we can see (evil people) as well as those we cannot see—though they never take their eyes off us. - S. Catherine of Siena


  1. maybe its time for rad trads to head for the hills...

  2. oh and please read what Ann Barnhardt has to say about the bride of Christ...

  3. She has to be mentally ill. It's the craziest thing I have ever read. Just a couple clicks away from Ted Kaczynski. Some of the old church-ladies online continue to follow her. 1P5 and The Remnant will never live it down that they considered her a contributor.


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