Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This is curious... Lord Acton may have been gay.

“Power tends to corrupt 
and absolute power corrupts absolutely. "

A virile aesthete-dandy...

It's gay pride month and they are all gathered in Grand Rapids MI for Acton University 2017 ... how ironic.

I was just researching Acton U and Lord Acton and made the discovery, albeit strongly contested, I'm sure.  Acton knew Waugh who wrote Brideshead - which has been a topic of conversation on Facebook of late.  Waugh based his character Anthony Blanche partly on Acton.  Again the homosexual aspect may or may not be true.

Author A.N. Wilson remarked, "To call him homosexual would be to misunderstand the whole essence of his being" and that "He was more asexual than anything else" - Source

Yeah, I'm sure there is no truth to those rumors.

But so what?

Nothing to see here I'm sure - it just strikes me as ironic.  To be sure there could be no connection to the Acton Institute and Acton U.  I mean that.

Acton, I want to get some too ... song for this post here.

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