Monday, May 01, 2017

The Patronage of St. Joseph

MOST POWERFUL Patriarch St. Joseph, 
Patron of the Universal Church, 
which has always invoked thee in anxiety and trouble, 
from the exalted seat of thy glory 
cast a loving glance upon the whole Catholic world. 
Let thy fatherly heart be touched at the sight of the 
Mystical Spouse and the Vicar of Christ 
overwhelmed with sorrow and persecuted by powerful enemies. 
Oh, by the bitter anguish thou didst experience upon earth, 
dry the tears of the venerable Pontiff, 
defend him, comfort him, 
intercede for him with the Giver of peace and charity, 
that, all adversity being removed and all error dissipated, 
the entire Church may serve God in perfect liberty. Amen. 


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