Wednesday, May 03, 2017

See, that's what I think too ...

Fr. Scalia said he doesn't like the term 'conservative'.

I don’t like the term conservative. That’s a political category. I guess you could say traditional, but then every Catholic is traditional, or ought to be, because we have to be rooted in the tradition of the Church. So I don’t like those categories, because it sounds like tradition is an option. It feeds into stereotypes. The fact of the matter is that if you’re adhering to the Church’s teachings, there’s always going to be someone who thinks you are too traditional or not traditional enough. - Fr. Scalia

I like Fr. Scalia. 


  1. "I like Fr. Scalia"

    I do too but I especially like his papa, may he RIP.

  2. I'm currently enjoying reading his book. Did you ever hear the homily that he gave at his father's funeral Mass? It was wonderful. He talked about the need to pray for his dad's soul amidst all the accolades being said about him.


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