Saturday, May 06, 2017

St. Dominic Savio

May 6

Among other things, St. Dominic is patron of the falsely accused.

Once two boys stuffed a school heating stove with snow and rubbish. The boys were known troublemakers and were likely to face expulsion if caught, so they blamed Dominic for the misdeed. Dominic did not deny the accusation and he was scolded before the class. However, a day later the teacher learned the truth. He asked Dominic why he did not defend himself while being scolded for something he did not do. Dominic mentioned he was imitating Jesus who remained silent when unjustly accused. - source

I've done that - kind of.  But it is so nothing 'heroic' on my part, since I have a whole list of other sins I could always be accused of.  I also think defending one self is similar to complaining - it is oftentimes useless - and Christ didn't do that either ...

St Gerard Majella was falsely accused of a sexual sin, and though innocent, he also remained silent - he never even defended himself before St. Alphonsus Liguori, his superior.

St. Margaret of Cortona was a former sinner with a bad reputation who suffered false accusations as well.  Her feast day is coming up soon (May 16, Franciscan calendar).  I can identify with her better.  Her reputation was shot anyway, so why bother with the self defense.  That's what I tell the curious ones.

Body of St. Margaret of Cortona.

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  1. I have known of Dominic Savio since a young boy. I have a cousin who entered the Franciscans and was given his name in religion. My Aunt, his mother, proceeds to somehow secure a first class relic which was always brought to a sick member in the family. I have not thought about that in years. I will have to find out who possesses that now.


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