Saturday, April 29, 2017

St. Catherine of Siena: "If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!"

The Pope pretty much said the same thing in Cairo today: "Live lives ablaze with charity."

It reminds me of what the Bishop of Maradi said a few years ago after rioters set fire to nearly every single church in Niger: “They set fire to our churches, but our hearts are still ablaze with love for them. Christian or Muslim—God wishes good fortune for all people.”

So.  Once again, as Pope Francis said today:  "Do not be afraid to love everyone, friends and enemies alike, because the strength and treasure of the believer lies in a life of love!" - VR

"Consider God's charity. 
Where else have we ever seen someone
 who has been offended 
voluntarily paying out his life 
for those who have offended him?"
  - St. Catherine


  1. There are limits even in respect to charity if you are taking charity to include affection. Christ showed zero affection for the bad thief but as long as the bad thief breathed, Christ willed the highest good to the bad thief but we have no indication that it did any good. As Aquinas said, " the antecedent will of God does not always take place"...( whereby He wills all to be saved). We know that antecedent willing of God does not always take place because Christ said, " many will seek to enter on that day and they will not be able to." Lk.13:24.
    So Christ showed no affection toward the bad thief nor toward most scribes and pharisees...nor toward the nine lepers who didn't thank Him. But as long as they lived, He willed their salvation.

    1. True. I don't think affection is fundamental to the theological virtue of charity.

  2. I am glad that Papa Francis had a safe trip while in Egypt. I thank the Blessed Family for watching over him while there and for all who accompanied him and all in attendance. It was beautiful when he reminded the many that the Son of God, in the company and safety of Mary and Joseph, had lived in Egypt for a few years.

    Truly, a land blessed by their presence that time nor violence can ever hope to erase.

    Querida Sagrada Familia, ruega por todos nosotros! Por la Paz! Por la familia!

    1. I loved what he had to say there - I'm looking forward to his visit to Fatima.

  3. Am guessing the Sacred Heart is your handiwork. Very nice. It is my primary "devotion" (Divine Mecry also, but they seem like two sides of the same devotion-coin to me) but I have hardly ever see an image of SHJ that makes him look many seem soft or effeminate to me. I found a more "masculine" SHJ online but no link to how to obtain it. Anyways...I bet you could paint a very nice one that is attractive to men.

    1. Thanks - good eye - the image is by me. I actually tried to make the Pompeo Batoni image a bit more manly in this image. The original Batoni masterpiece is my favorite, but I understand people sometimes think he looks effeminate. My favorite image is the Sacred Heart of Montemarte. The devotion to the Sacred Heart is my chief devotion as well.

      The image you shared with me is a very good one too - and manly. The first image which brought me back to the sacraments many years ago id the classic image of Jesus appearing to St. Margaret Mary. I saw a copy at Notre Dame De Montreal in the early 1970's and 'my heart was burning within me'.

      I have to say I do not like the images of our Lord baring his chest and looking like a romance-novel cover. There is a very good Spanish image that was in my room at a Jesuit retreat house I made a retreat at, shortly after my return to the sacraments. That one is very good. I'll try to post it another time.

    2. I wish I could edit my comments after posting - esp. spelling errors.
      'id' sb 'is' and I think it's 'du' rather than 'de'


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