Monday, April 24, 2017

I think I must live here.

Decades ago, a friend of mine who cut my hair told me I was losing my hair - at the whorl - or crown of the head.  He said it was thinning.  "No it's not" I told him.  "You are going bald and you think everybody else is too."  Then he showed me in the mirror.  "That doesn't mean I'll be bald!"  Over the years, he informed me of additional hair loss - so I never ever looked at the crown of my head again.

I never permit photos of myself.  So I think I still look like I did in my twenties, until I catch a glimpse in the mirror.  Which is why I may have to cover all my mirrors as people do at Shiva.


Talk of a de-facto schism.  I'm against it.

BTW - I still have hair on the top of my head.  It is not gray, but sandy blond.  I put on a little weight, but I'm so not fat.  I'm as old as I feel think I am - although now instead of thinking in my head I'm in my twenties - I think it's more very early thirties.

I tell people I'm in my seventies and they are always so amazed at how young I look.

For someone who always believed he was ugly - my mom liked to tell us that to save us from vanity I guess - I certainly got by on my looks .... now that I'm old, I have nothing.  Oh wait - I'm not old.

Sitting Shiva.


  1. 70 is the new 40!

  2. I have always avoided mirrors as I was traumatized by Disney's "The Shaggy Dog" movie when I was three. (I'm not making this up.) My adult children tell stories about growing up in a house with only one mirror, an antique that one has to assume a semi-crouch in order to access your reflection. I carry in my head a vague picture of the forty-ish me, although I'm long past that mark, and am always sort of shocked when I get my hair cut and the stylist triumphantly whirls me around in the chair to face the real me.

    1. I will look in the mirror to shave - but it's like that Norma Desmond 'ready for my close-up' pose with my head so far back until I can see a chin line but not much else. What?

  3. I feel 90. I don't yet look 90.

    When dad died he looked pretty good for 85. Trouble was, he was 67.

  4. Now you've got me wanting to see a photo of you!

  5. As I always say when taking a photo, "Chin up! Both of them!"


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